• Dairy Queen Ice Cream
    Business hours 6:00-22:00 Contact information 15167964996
    Position On the southwest side of Xiamen Airlines first class, domestic T3 restricted area
    Main category Ice cream, Bread
  • Qiantang Ramen
    Business hours 06:20-Boarding gate B09 flight closed Contact information 0571-83833239
    Position Near the boarding gate B09
    Main category Noodles
  • Fuhaitang
    Business hours 6:30-23:30 Contact information 0571-82666240
    Position Near the boarding gate A01
    Main category Western Food
  • Xi Yun Lai Starland Banana Leaf
    Business hours 06:30-Flight closed Contact information 0571-86665704
    Position Near the boarding gate A01, T1
    Main category Light Meal
  • Yon Ho Soy Milk
    Business hours 6:00-22:30 Contact information 0571-82382209
    Position On the north side of T1 Arrival Exit
    Main category F&B Service
  • Master Kong Private Kitchen
    Business hours 07:00-22:00 Contact information 0571-88467565
    Position Near the gate 5
    Main category Cooked wheaten food
  • Costa
    Business hours 09:00-21:00 Contact information 0571-88467535
    Position Near the gate 5
    Main category Coffee, Cake
  • GanQiShi
    Business hours 6:30-21:00 Contact information 18258835815
    Position Near the gate 12
    Main category Steamed stuffed buns, breakfast
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